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He Is Enough Book (digital e-book, audiobook, & mini-course)

He Is Enough Book (digital e-book, audiobook, & mini-course)

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My journey of overcoming generational spiritual abuse and religious trauma.


As the morning sun pierced through the blinds, awakening Debra, little did she know it marked the dawn of a life-changing transformation. Alone, but alive, she faced a myriad of questions, each one a challenge to her very existence.

How would she navigate this new reality?

The daunting path to self-sufficiency loomed ahead.

Recovery seemed an insurmountable mountain to climb.

What shape would her life take now?

And then, a whisper, a "still small voice" behind her, spoke...

"Be Inspired. Stand Strong. Pass It On."

In this compelling narrative, Debra unveils her extraordinary journey—a voyage of healing initiated by the divine. A journey that began with the gentle touch of God mending the wounds of years spent in the grip of generational spiritual abuse and religious trauma.

This is more than a story; it's a testament to the human spirit's resilience and the transformative power of faith. Debra's journey unfolds from the shackles of insecurity, victimhood, and the burdens of false religious beliefs to a life where she meticulously crafts "A New Story." Here, she discovers the never-ending wellspring of God's love and understands her gifts, talents, and life's purpose.

A triumphant narrative against the backdrop of religious strongholds, this book invites you to walk alongside Debra as she unravels the layers of fear and uncertainty that bind so many. Her journey becomes a guiding light, offering hope to those seeking liberation, allowing them to see God in His true essence and experience His ineffable MERCIFUL LOVE.



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  • The TRUTH OVER TRADITION - A Roadmap To Recovering From Religious Trauma 3-Part Mini Course


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    The TRUTH OVER TRADITION - The Roadmap To Recovering From Religious Trauma 3-Part Mini-Course

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    -a refuge for those breaking free from religious trauma and seeking a deeper connection with God and those we love.

    Here, you'll find a supportive space where understanding and unconditional love replace the burdens of guilt and isolation.

    JOIN OUR COMMUNITY as we collectively navigate the path to healing, while unraveling the complexities of trauma and embracing the true HEALING principles of psychology rooted in sacred texts. This invitation extends to those ready to shed false indoctrination, find authenticity, and embrace a purposeful life within a community committed to shared growth and connection.

    Experience the transformative power of unconditional love, redefine your relationship with God, and discover a place where you are seen, heard, understood, and supported.

    Healing Religious Trauma, Common Sense Psychology, Creative Christian Parenting, Rising Above Child Sexual Trauma, & More. Come and explore and grow with us!

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