At Catalyst Collective, we understand the complexities of faith, the struggles with religious trauma, and the yearning for a connection with God that aligns with your authentic self.

Catalyst Collective is more than a store; it's a connection hub for those who want to break free from generational spiritual abuse and religious trauma. We exist to spark change without severing the sacred ties to God. Love for God remains at our core as we embark on a journey of rediscovery, seeking the truth about who He truly is—and isn't.

What is Religious Trauma?

Religious trauma, also known as spiritual or faith-based trauma refers to the psychological, emotional, and sometimes physical harm that can arise from one's religious or spiritual beliefs, practices, or experiences. It occurs when individuals encounter distressing events or dynamics within a religious context that lead to long-lasting negative effects on their well-being.

Here are some common aspects of religious trauma: Authoritarianism, Guilt and Shame, Fear of Hell or Punishment, Isolation, Abuse, Cognitive Dissonance, Suppression of Individuality.

It's important to note that religious trauma is a complex and nuanced phenomenon, and its impact varies from person to person. Some individuals may experience religious trauma acutely, while others may carry the effects into their lives in more subtle ways.

We offer a simple roadmap to recovery from religious trauma where you are seen, heard, understood, and supported. It's a guide that lays out a path making it possible to unravel the trauma, instill the truth, and create a new story for your life.

Read about Debra's journey of overcoming generational spiritual abuse and religious trauma in her book, HE IS ENOUGH and receive the audiobook and mini-course, "Truth Over Tradition - A Roadmap To Recovering From Religious Trauma."


Buy the digital version and receive these bonuses: Private online portal with access to the PDF, Audiobook, Online Episodes, and The New Mini-Course: TRUTH OVER TRADITION - A Roadmap to Recovery from Religious Trauma. Add a hardcopy for $10.00.

The Book, Audiobook, and Truth over Tradition - A Roadmap to Recovering from Religious Trauma Mini-Course is just $5.

Healing Religious Trauma

This book (He Is Enough) exists for two reasons: Reason #1: To... 


"As a survivor of spiritual abuse, reading Debra’s story gave voice to areas of my life that I couldn’t name. It felt like a hug from a big sister returning after a long period of separation. Her healing journey is both inspiring and liberating. Now I know that things do get better. I’m empowered to continue pressing on in my journey. Debra, thank you for honoring us with your journey of pain and victory." Faith G., Nairobi, Kenya, Writer, Speaker, Course Creator, Learn & Grow

"I had the unique perspective of reading HE IS ENOUGH while it was being written. Debra gives herself to the reader, and while it is her story, we can all see ourselves here. The recovery from religious trauma has shown itself, through this book, to be one of the greatest needs in our churches today. There is hope and HE IS ENOUGH! God’s unconditional love is the key to everything!" Robert F., Harrison, AR Dealer/Distributor, EV Power Pods

"I was living with fear as a core motivation for some of the decisions in my life, and I was tired of it. Boxed in by my own expectations of myself and the lack of confidence in myself (trauma patterns), I really began to feel the need for a big change. Now, having begun to grasp the truth about my connection to God, I have found freedom in so many ways I never knew I needed! I am free because God created me as a "free moral agent", and individual, capable of making my own choices with no strings attached. I have learned to love others and give them freedom too. Because life is about so much more than me. But I matter. And you, dear reader, do too." -Simone Farinholt

What is Common Sense Psychology™?

Welcome to Common Sense Psychology™, where we discover the genuine principles of psychology found in the Bible and other inspired writings. These methods offer a unique blend of safety, sensibility, simplicity, sanity, science, and scriptural foundation, effectively correcting imbalances and restoring disrupted lives in record time.

Introduced in 1962 by the visionary Mrs. Lois Eggers, MA, MFCC, Common Sense Psychology™ has stood as a beacon of help for nearly six decades, boasting proven success over 17 years within the prison system. Mrs. Eggers' groundbreaking work resulted in a remarkable 10% recidivism rate among prisoners, a testament to the transformative power of Common Sense Psychology™ rooted in Biblical wisdom and a genuine concern for individual well-being.

At the core of Common Sense Psychology™ lies a profound understanding of the mind faculties, distinguishing CSP in the realm of psychological studies. These faculties, comprising 37 independent yet interrelated and interdependent organs of ability within the brain, include the will, memory, perception, and imagination. We emphasize the vital importance of developing and exercising each mind faculty for optimal mental adjustment, providing comprehensive guidance through our CSP books and courses.

Join us on a journey where psychology (the study of the mind and behavior) meets theology (thinking about God), offering a safe haven for personal growth and mental balance.

The Finding Freedom Book is our new intro to CSP. There are also Mrs. Eggers original syllabi in the store. All CSP Courses are now housed inside STRONGLIFE COMMUNITY - $29/mo membership fee. Once you enter the community ALL COURSES are free.

The Finding Freedom Book is a Biblical escape route for breaking free from uncertainty and emotional stress to find freedom, improved relationships, new habits, and a balanced life.

Common Sense Psychology

We have updated the Common Sense Psychology syllabi with a new fresh... 


"A group of friends and I from college read a few chapters together while on vacation. We loved the heartfelt content, as well as the "user-friendly" book appearance. It was a really nice thing to experience together!" Simone F. Nursing Student

"I am having some "light-bulb moments", or spiritual epiphanies if you will, as I read these materials. It's very healing. I am finding healing by simply reading it! My soul is discovering that maybe healing really IS possible for me through Christ. That maybe I don't have to be satisfied with the status quo. There have always been things about me that I just assumed I would never have peace about, traits that would never improve, even with God's help. As I read, it's like the Holy Spirit is right next to me, telling me that all of these promises, these principles, this *healing* is for me too, and nothing about me is a lost cause." -Tricia Williams

Do you need to be seen, heard, understood, and supported?

Welcome to Healing Religious Trauma Coaching.

I'm Debra. A certified Religious Trauma and Common Sense Psychology Coach.

I specialize in religious trauma recovery. where we unravel the past traumas surrounding religion, instill the real truth about God, and create a whole new story for your life.

My coaching packages offer a safe space for exploration and growth.

I'm committed to creating a compassionate environment that includes Unconditional Love and non-judgmental listening.

Debra takes a limited number of coaching clients. If there are no opening, please get on the wait list.


"I greatly appreciate being able to work with a life coach who comes from a similar religious background who has found a way through the maze and is willing to lend a hand to guide others toward the light of freedom. I'm also grateful that, unlike former modern "therapeutic" experiences I've encountered, we do not spend endless months/years (and dollars!) reliving & parsing old traumas. The wounds are respectfully assessed and acknowledged, then simple effective treatment is offered so healing can begin immediately from the inside out." Heide Cox, Nurse

"Debra listened open-heartedly allowing the uncomfortable and personal to be spoken without shame or guilt or correction." D.H., Teacher


-a refuge for those breaking free from religious trauma and seeking a deeper connection with God and those we love.

Here, you'll find a supportive space where understanding and unconditional love replace the burdens of guilt and isolation.

JOIN OUR COMMUNITY as we collectively navigate the path to healing, while unraveling the complexities of trauma and embracing the true HEALING principles of psychology rooted in sacred texts. This invitation extends to those ready to shed false indoctrination, find authenticity, and embrace a purposeful life within a community committed to shared growth and connection.

Experience the transformative power of unconditional love, redefine your relationship with God, and discover a place where you are seen, heard, understood, and supported.

Healing Religious Trauma, Common Sense Psychology, Creative Christian Parenting, Rising Above Child Sexual Trauma, & More. Come and explore and grow with us!

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