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Just Soar Higher

Just Soar Higher 4 Month Coaching Package (12 sessions)

Just Soar Higher 4 Month Coaching Package (12 sessions)

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Introducing "Just Soar Higher" coaching with Debra: Your Compassionate Guide to Transformation 

Hello and welcome to a journey of healing, growth, and transformation. I'm Debra, your dedicated Life Coach, Teacher, and Friend. Within the realms of life's challenges and transitions, I'm here to provide you with the unwavering support, encouragement, and tools you need to spread your wings and soar to new heights.

Discover Your True Self

Embark on a healing journey tailored to people who are:

  • Seeking genuine connections.
  • Navigating life transitions.
  • Rising from religious trauma.
  • Finding purpose beyond their past.
  • Living life intentionally.

Your wings already exist; all you have to do is fly! 🦋

A Personalized Approach to Your Growth

Debra understands the depths of isolation and challenges that life can present. Having faced her own hardships, she recognizes the need for a compassionate companion by your side rather than a fixer. "Just Soar Higher" is designed to provide:

  • Supportive Companionship: Stand by your side with care and understanding.
  • A Place of Love: Create a space filled with unconditional love.
  • Judgment-Free Listening: Be heard and seen without judgment.
  • Life Purpose Unveiled: Discover the keys to unlock your life’s purpose.

Empowering You to Soar

Together, we'll:

  • Overcome Obstacles: Tackle challenges and equip you with tools for success.
  • Dream Beyond Limits: Encourage you to dream big and plant the seeds of possibility.
  • Letting Go Gracefully: Learn to release the past with grace and mercy.
  • Establish Healthy Boundaries: Be a supportive challenger in setting clear and healthy boundaries.

Crafting an Authentic Life of Celebration

"Just Soar Higher" coaching empowers you to:

  • Choose Peace and Contentment: Point you towards peace and contentment, regardless of your past.
  • Craft an Authentic Life: Create a meaningful life of service and satisfaction.
  • Celebrate Your Wins: Recognize and celebrate every victory, big or small.
  • Inspiration for Your Vision: Inspire and guide you to create the life you desire.

Your Journey, Your Dreams, Our Collaboration

Debra has a dream, and it might just be yours too – that no one should walk through life's challenges alone. From the "Dark Night of the Soul" to "Rebuilding a Brand New Life," Debra is your collaborative partner in rewriting your story.

Ready to take flight? Let's unfold your wings together. Choose a coaching package today and embrace a future filled with hope, purpose, and transformation.

This package is a full year-long coaching journey with 36 - 90-minute sessions. Payment plans are available at checkout or by contacting Debra directly at

Full and partial scholarships are also periodically available. Please inquire by email:

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-a refuge for those breaking free from religious trauma and seeking a deeper connection with God and those we love.

Here, you'll find a supportive space where understanding and unconditional love replace the burdens of guilt and isolation.

JOIN OUR COMMUNITY as we collectively navigate the path to healing, while unraveling the complexities of trauma and embracing the true HEALING principles of psychology rooted in sacred texts. This invitation extends to those ready to shed false indoctrination, find authenticity, and embrace a purposeful life within a community committed to shared growth and connection.

Experience the transformative power of unconditional love, redefine your relationship with God, and discover a place where you are seen, heard, understood, and supported.

Healing Religious Trauma, Common Sense Psychology, Creative Christian Parenting, Rising Above Child Sexual Trauma, & More. Come and explore and grow with us!

Please make a request at if you are in need of a scholarship for your community fees.

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